Owners of crypto portfolios often boast that the speed of their network transactions is higher than conventional methods of payment, such as Visa or Paypal. As the prices for cryptocurrencies continue to grow, it is important to determine which payment networks of the blockchain eventually can become a “new Visa”. While both sides continue to discuss their arguments, we found important ones and created unique statistics to highlight transaction rates in several different payment networks.

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The popularity of Bitcoin exponentially increased over the past year, as the price of the cryptocurrency continues to skyrocket. However, not everyone is optimistic about Bitcoin. Recently, the government of several countries have intervened, since the popularity of Bitcoin and market capitalization have affected the prices of cryptocurrencies. Having a threat of lack of understanding of the cryptocurrency, some countries lifted the ban on the Bitcoin trading. With all the recent government regulations, we wanted to develop a visual approach that emphasizes the legality of Bitcoin by country.

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Despite the market correction in late December, 2017 was the year of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency has occupied headlines because of its very speculative nature. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, loudly stated that Иitcoin is “fraud”, and the people who buy it are “stupid.” Regardless of what you think about this, the inexorable rise of Bitcoin made us wonder how this is compared to the fastest growing companies trading on stock exchanges. So, we found the information and created a new timetable to find out.

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The astronomical growth of the cryptocurrency has stunned the world and challenged the traditional laws of market behavior. Having the status of “experiment” or “bubble” for many years, the cryptocurrency market continues to remain stable under conditions of incredible uncertainty.

Crypto development in such a short time has acquired such a huge amount of enthusiasm that visualization is simply necessary to objectively evaluate all dramatic changes.

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Initial coins offering (ICO) skyrocketed in 2017, as crypto-fever continues to grow up. This relatively new method of fundraising has attracted companies, from start-ups to large enterprises.

Cryptocurrency mania in 2017 led to the collection of funds by more than $ 5 billion from the 706 ICO. There are many different ICO, which should be mentioned, but we intended to allocate the first ten of 2017 for the funds raised.

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As you can see on this graph below, the total amount of money in the world is 84 trillion dollars. But this includes money in banks. In physical coins and banknotes, the world’s total money supply is only over $ 31 trillion. This is the reason of the growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that refuses to die. His collapse was predicted many times, and one expert estimated that the cost of Bitcoin is eighteen times more volatile than the US dollar. Nevertheless, virtual money continues to grow in importance.

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According to Bloomberg estimates, TOP 10 of the largest crypto exchanges yield a profit of up to
$ 3 million per day. Given the fact that before 2009, there was not even a cryptocurrency in existence, the profit of such a level is absolutely amazing in comparison with the historical development of other industries. It is easy enough to understand how crypto exchanges earn money – charge a fee for users who sell, buy and withdraw cryptocurrency. However, there are several important characteristics and trends that will help us understand why certain crypto exchanges are currently more profitable than others.

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Recently Forbes published a list of the richest people in the world of cryptocurrency.

For today in the world there are 19 people owning more than 350 million dollars in crypto. Their main holders have accumulated their wealth in various ways, but most of them are the founders of large cryptocurrency projects and crypto exchanges. Others are either private investors or representatives of investment groups, and some of them have made a big profit due to the cryptocurrency loan. The only similarity that unites the richest people in the cryptoworld is that they are all supporters of the “HODL” strategy which means that they keep their cryptocurrency despite the market downturns and rarely make transactions crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat.

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Banks mainly opposed the cryptocurrency, often referring to their volatility and the ability to use for money laundering. This is a bit of an ironic criticism coming from banks that seem to pay huge amounts of money on a regular basis to settle charges of money laundering or other financial crimes. The real answer to the question about why banks do not like cryptocurrencies, most likely, they feel threatened. The growth of the cryptocurrency exceeded all expectations, and although the concept is still very young, it has the potential to shake the aging system. To understand the race between banks and cryptocurrencies, we developed a visual idea of ​​how “David” fights against “Goliath”.

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People who decide to buy a cryptocurrency, immediately wonder where to store it and how to choose a reliable wallet. And what if you buy several?

Making investments in the cryptocurrency market you should always be guided by the following rules:

• Never trust anyone;

• Do not invest more than you can afford to lose;

• Do not store everything in one place;

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