Coinbase CEO: more than 1 billion people will be involved in cryptocurrency ecosystem

Victoria SavchukSeptember 10, 20180

CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong is certain that just in 5 years the number of crypto ecosystem users is going to reach 1 billion people (whereas now it is 40 million).

As Armstrong believes, not only the scales of the digital ecosystem will substantially increase, but also the amount of cryptoassets. Apart from that, more and more commercial companies are planning to issue their own tokens which, in the future, will have some features of securities and act as alternative investment objects.

“Every open source project, every charity, and potentially every fund, or these new types of decentralized organizations and apps, they’re all going to have their own tokens,” stated the Coinbase CEO.

In addition to that, Armstrong is convinced that there is much in the crypto industry to depend on regulation. At the same time, he states that almost all tokens will be perceived by regulators as securities. “But,” he said, “Coinbase will eventually be able to add support for hundreds of such tokens, if not millions.”

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Victoria Savchuk