Start of Constantinople is delayed until 2019

Victoria SavchukOctober 23, 20180
Ethereum Constantinople

The launch of the next Ethereum (ETH) hard fork, dubbed Constantinople, has been delayed till early 2019, according to its developers.

Initially the new hard fork was expected to start in November, but its developers decided to put off the date release. It happened because of some bugs that had been found in the code on a test network. The new deadline now is set to be late January or early February.

Speaking about this situation during a livestream meeting, developer Afri Shoeden mentioned:

“We are trying to push this process forward, but sometimes we should just slow down and watch it.”

“Constantinople” has five backward-incompatible changes in the network, from minor optimization issues to more complex, such as reduction of the amount of new ETH created with each transaction block.

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Victoria Savchuk