ATB coin

Victoria SavchukMay 2, 20180
ATB Coin

ATB is a cryptocurrency based on SegWit and Lightning network. The ATB coin is the Proof of Stake cryptocurrency, designed to address some of the most pressing problems in the current cryptographic world, such as scalability, performance and more. The ATB coin includes some of the latest technologies in the world of the blockchain, such as the upgrade of SegWit and the Lightning Network, which makes it more efficient and flexible.

The ATB coin is served with a set of light and convenient wallets – for desktop computers, iOS, Android, and web.

ATB coin now

We create ATB Coin cryptocurrency using the most modern technologies that exist today – Lightning Network, SegWit, and Smart Contracts.

ATB Coin is a balanced Proof-Of-Stake cryptocurrency that makes the PoS concept even more efficient and flexible due to the completely self-implemented SegWit technology.

ATB Coin uses several cryptographic algorithms to ensure the security of its users:

The first of these is ECDSA, a public key encryption algorithm that is associated with every coin in a system using a public key, private key, and signature so that each block of a blockchain can verify the coin’s identity.

The second is the already known encryption algorithm SHA-256 and is considered the gold standard in most crypto conversions in the world.

Due to the use of SegWit, which implements the fourfold increase in the block size. Each block in the ATB Coin will be generated in 2.5 minutes versus 10 minutes in cryptocurrency based on POW.

The main advantages of ATB Coin are as follows:

  • Multi-level security system
  • The highest degree of account security
  • Full transparency
  • Open block scheme
  • Almost zero commissions
  • Instantaneous speed of operations
  • Creation of codes for transmission and storage of ATB by analogy with codes BTC-E

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Edward Ng


Offering more than 30 years of engineering experience. A pioneer in global IT outsourcing and solutions in the field of fintech. In addition, he is a software developer with an emphasis on the user interface and the ISO / OSI model 

Gary Gan


Angel-investor and blockchain-Bitcoins Developer of business in China. The owner of several Bitcoin companies (China) with investments in many start-ups, as well as chief executive officer Bitcoin-Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd., a senior adviser and investor in the digital assets industry

Jude Huang


A lot of world-class commercial web applications/applications for their corporate clients are produced. Rich experience in web platform technology and web application architecture using the latest technology and the most secure web application user interface

Herbert W. Hoover


An experienced leader in the field of information technology, offering more than 20 years of experience in the field of digital technologies, telecommunications, and international media

Simon Choi


An international lawyer admitted to practice in England, Wales, and Hong Kong (China) with more than 25 years of experience in international trade, investment, finance, as well as mergers and acquisitions

Waiki Hui


The software is the leader in Linux operating system technologies, distribution, ISO-OSI standard and protocol, and fintech solutions. Offering more than 30 years of experience working with global giants, for example, in the laboratories Bell, Citicorp, and JP Morgan.

Victoria Savchuk