Critical vulnerability has been found in the blockchain of EOS

Anton SovaMay 29, 20180

The critical vulnerability in EOS network can allow attackers to remotely write arbitrary code on the nodes of the network and control them. This was announced by the well-known news portal from China cnLedger referring to the developer of the antivirus 360.

“The EOS representative confirmed that the main network will not be launched until the problem is fixed,” cnLedger said in a statement.

Offenders can secure a smart contract with malicious code on the supernode EOS, and it, in turn, will execute the contract and activate the bug. After such a format the contract will be included in the block, all full nodes can be vulnerable to attack, cnLedger claims.

The company also asked on cybersecurity experts to study blockchain projects in greater detail, since in the future vulnerabilities could be found in other cryptocurrencies.

After this news, the price of EOS has decreased by 10%.

Anton Sova

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